Is it true that investment companies that fail to make a profit are caused by losses?

You may have heard that investment companies that fail to provide profits are because they experience losses. But, is it really that simple? Come on, let's try to explore it thoroughly together. When we talk about investment companies, we are talking about entities that aim to manage the funds of their clients in the hope of making a profit. These

RipperFay: A Business Crime Phenomenon in the Digital Era

Ripper Fays is a type of crime in the business sector that has become a serious concern for business people and governments throughout the world. RipperFays itself is a term that refers to fraudulent or fraudulent practices carried out online which can include various types of fraud ranging from selling fake or illegal products, embezzling funds, identity theft to detrimental

Challenges in Using Watchlists

A watchlist in the investment world is a list of potential investments or financial assets that an investor chooses to monitor on a regular basis. These can be stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, or other financial instruments. The aim is to observe the market performance and price behavior of selected assets, as well as monitor developments and changes that may influence

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