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Is it true that investment companies that fail to make a profit are caused by losses?

You may have heard that investment companies that fail to provide profits are because they

RipperFay: A Business Crime Phenomenon in the Digital Era

Ripper Fays is a type of crime in the business sector that has become a

Challenges in Using Watchlists

A watchlist in the investment world is a list of potential investments or financial assets

The Impact of Autonomous Expenditure on Economic Growth.

What is Autonomous Expenditure? Autonomous Expenditure is a basic concept in economics that refers to

Understanding Trumpcare: Efforts to Reform the Health System in the United States

Trump Care, or often referred to as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), is an

Getting to Know Anatocism: Its Impact on Society

Anatocism is a concept in the world of finance that has a significant impact on

Deferred Fund Management Strategy

Deferred Fund, Money Deferred for the Future Maybe you have heard the term "deferred funds"

Factors that Influence the USD Value in Major Pairs

The factors that influence the USD value in major pairs are very complex and involve

Impact of Liquidity Trap

A liquidity trap refers to a situation in the economy when market players prefer to

Understanding Nexus in the Context of Various Fields

The introduction of NEXUS in business becomes important in an increasingly complex and changing corporate

What is Behavioral Economics?

Behavioral economics is a branch of economics that combines the principles of psychology with economic

The role of imperfect competition that very important in the economy

Imperfect competition is a market condition where there are several companies that control the market,

The Power of Coverdale Training Program.

Coverdale Training is an organizational development methodology that aims to improve individual, team and organizational

What is Gambler Fallacy in Capital Markets?

There is an interesting term related to the capital market, namely Gambler Fallacy. Gambler Fallacy

Affectation- Linked Bonds

Affectation- linked bonds, also known as inflation-linked bonds, are a type of bond where the

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