Challenges in Using Watchlists

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A watchlist in the investment world is a list of potential investments or financial assets that an investor chooses to monitor on a regular basis. These can be stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, or other financial instruments. The aim is to observe the market performance and price behavior of selected assets, as well as monitor developments and changes that may influence

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Benefits of Interbank Savings Accounts

What are Interbank Deposits? In today's uncertain financial world, finding ways to maximize your money is more important than ever. One option that many people overlook is interbank savings, these accounts offer a variety of

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What is Behavioral Economics?

Behavioral economics is a branch of economics that combines the principles of psychology with economic theory to understand the behavior of consumers, producers and other market players. This theory attempts to explain why people often

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The Importance of Diversifying Government Revenue Streams

Governments around the world rely heavily on taxes to finance costly state activities. However, excessive reliance on taxation can put pressure on the country's economy and burden individuals and businesses. Diversifying government revenue streams is

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Affectation- Linked Bonds

Affectation- linked bonds, also known as inflation-linked bonds, are a type of bond where the interest payments and principal value are linked to the inflation rate. It aims to protect investors from a decline in

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Advantages of Proof of Capacity Compared to Traditional Blockchain Technology

Explanation of what Proof of Capacity (PoC) is. Blockchain technology has quickly gained popularity in recent years due to its

General Reasons for Banking Reversal Transactions

Some of us may have come across the term "banking reversal transaction" when carrying out banking transactions. Banking reversal transactions

The Rise of Green Chip Stocks and Their Performance

In the modern world of increasingly rapid change, sustainability has become a major concern for businesses and investors. Climate change,

Impact of Nifty Fifty On Stock Market

What is the Nifty Fifty? In terms of investment, there are certain phenomena that have shaped the stock market throughout

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Is it true that investment companies that fail to make a profit are caused by losses?

You may have heard that investment companies that fail to provide profits are because they experience losses. But, is it really that simple? Come on, let's try to explore it thoroughly together. When we talk about investment companies, we are talking about entities that aim to manage the funds of

Financial System 7 Min Read

RipperFay: A Business Crime Phenomenon in the Digital Era

Ripper Fays is a type of crime in the business sector that has become a serious concern for business people and governments throughout the world. RipperFays itself is a term that refers to fraudulent or fraudulent practices carried out online which can include various types of fraud ranging from selling

Economic Status 8 Min Read

Challenges in Using Watchlists

A watchlist in the investment world is a list of potential investments or financial assets that an investor chooses to monitor on a regular basis. These can be stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, or other financial instruments. The aim is to observe the market performance and price behavior of selected assets,

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The Impact of Autonomous Expenditure on Economic Growth.

What is Autonomous Expenditure? Autonomous Expenditure is a basic concept in economics that refers to spending that occurs independently of changes in income or other economic factors. This spending is not influenced by factors such as consumer demand or economic conditions. They are considered self-determined and are usually driven by

Financial System 8 Min Read

Understanding Trumpcare: Efforts to Reform the Health System in the United States

Trump Care, or often referred to as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), is an effort to reform the health care system in the United States proposed by the administration of President Donald Trump. This was a response to widespread dissatisfaction with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as

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Getting to Know Anatocism: Its Impact on Society

Anatocism is a concept in the world of finance that has a significant impact on society. In financial terminology, anatocism refers to the practice of adding interest on interest to a debt that has not been repaid in full. This practice generally occurs in loan or credit transactions, where the

Business Decisions 6 Min Read

Deferred Fund Management Strategy

Deferred Fund, Money Deferred for the Future Maybe you have heard the term "deferred funds" in the context of the global or domestic economy. So, what exactly is a deferred fund? Deferred funds refer to funds that have been postponed for future use. This means that a person or entity

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Factors that Influence the USD Value in Major Pairs

The factors that influence the USD value in major pairs are very complex and involve many interrelated variables. The foreign exchange market (forex) is a global market that is greatly influenced by various economic, political and social factors. In the context of major pairs, USD is often the main currency

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